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These videos are a small sample of the types of videos we can produce.

Go to your specific Niche Page to see specific videos for your business and how to customize to your liking.

Basic Style Designs

(see samples below):

  • Spokesperson (SP)
  • WhiteBoard (WB)
  • Full Commercial (FC)
  • Slide Presentations (SL)
  • Animation Characters (AC)


Customize each Design Type with:

  • Your personal information
  • Your logo
  • Calls To Action

ADD ONS (see samples below)

  • Eye Catching Segments
  • Awesome Animation
  • Dynamic Logo Reveals
  • Stingers and CTA’s
  • Other Voice Overs
  • Opt In to capture leads
  • Social Sharing Buttons


Over 500 Video Samples by Business Niche(click here)


2 Choices for your video design:

  1. Customize our templates you see on this site, or
  2. Design an entirely new video


Video Styles and ADD ON styles below


Professional Actors & Actress Spokespersons

Local Business Commercials

Attorney: Personal Injury


 Attorney: Bankruptcy

Attorney: DUI 

Tax Attorney


 Attorney: Family Practice

 Attorney:  General



 Real Estate

 Real Estate

Real Estate Agent


Real Estate


Real Estate


 Chiropractor: General


Home Inspection


 Hair Salon


Carpet Cleaner


 Painting Contractor

Tile and Grout, Bathroom, Kitchen


 Roofing Contractor






 Home Improvements

Heating and AC Contractor


 WhiteBoard Videos and Animation Character Videos


Tax Preparer WB1
Tax Preparer AC1
Real Estate Agent AC1
Child Parties-AC1

ADD ON:  Amazing Animations 

ADD ON:  Compelling Logo Reveals  (Basic Logo included)

ADD ON:  Eye Catching Segments


ADD ON: Stingers and Calls to Action


CTA Twitter
CTA website and call 2
CTA YouTube
CTA visit us
CTA website
CTA Website and EMail

ADD ON:  Voice Overs

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