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Customize these SAMPLE VIDEOS STYLES BELOW or create an entirely new video. If you don’t like any of the videos below, just email us your ideas, your pictures or your own video footage and we will customize the video.

See our Portfolio page for other variations or dynamic add ons to any videos that we create, such as:  




Auto Repair, Sales, Limo Services Related


Its pretty cool having my own video and being able to seen on the first page of google, works so good that I cancelled all the coupon ads.

Sammy R

Limo Service

Uses for your Credible, Professional and Dynamic Video

  • Website
  • Facebook Fan page
  • Social media posts
  • Blog
  • YouTube marketing
  • Facebook Paid Ads
  • Twitter marketing
  • 1st page Google ranking
  • Facebook personal account
  • Email marketing

Customize these SAMPLE VIDEOS STYLES or create an entirely new video.  Email us your ideas, your own pictures or video footage.  Sales@AEGetMeSales.com 



Child Services

Typically people ask other people to recommend a day care service, but having a video gives me that extra credibility we need….thank you!

Janet L

Day Care


Elderly Services 


Business Services 

 Home Services


Carpet cleaning is so competitive.  Having a video separates me form the competition and then placing it on the 1st page of Google further enhanced the number of calls I get…fantastic!

Bob R

Carpet cleaning Service

Window installations and cleaning are our main services….in the past it was so hard to convey what we do and all that we service….the video marketing and constant messaging helps us do that…thank you so much!

Barry S


 Personal, Travel, and Leisure 



Pest are part of the family and people want to work with a professional when handling their pets, a video separates me form the rest of the outfits out there

Janice G

Pet Grooming and Sitting

AE Video Marketing can revise the examples above with your logo, dynamic Logo Reveals, other voice overs, Calls To Action throughout and at the end of each video, Amazing Animations, Awesome Eye Catching segments.

Please see our Portfolio Page for Add Ons and other examples

We can also create a totally new video!

Don’t forget to ask about our “Own The First Page of Google Service” for your videos and crush your competition!!!