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Financial, Debt Management, Credit Repair Videos

These examples apply to your specific niche and can be customized to your needs or we can create a new video design specifically for you!

See our Portfolio page for other variations or dynamic add ons to any videos that we create, such as:  Compelling Logo reveals, Logo added to beginning and end of videos, Calls to Action during and at the end of the video, Optin Lead Capture, Social Share Buttons, Amazing Animation, Spokesperson, Eye Catching Segments



Customize these SAMPLE VIDEOS STYLES BELOW or create an entirely new video. If you don’t like any of the videos below, just email us your ideas, your pictures or your own video footage and we will customize the video.



 Financial Planning


You can modify all Spokesperson videos with any type of background, graphics, intros, outros and any other ADD ONs we currently offer.

  Credit Repair, Debt Management, etc



AE Video Marketing can revise the examples above with your logo, dynamic Logo Reveals, other voice overs, Calls To Action throughout and at the end of each video, Amazing Animations, Awesome Eye Catching segments.

Please see our Portfolio Page for Add Ons and other examples

We can also create a totally new video!


Hear what our clients have to say

Awesome way to quickly communicate my services.  For years I lost so many possible clients because they left my site or couldnt find me at all…..now I use the video in all my follow up communications plus I rank on the first page of google in 10 towns.  I get all the calls for people looking for an accountant….Thanks AE!

Samantha L

CPA, Enrolled Agent

Great service.  quick, accurate and professional design.  What stands out the most is that it was so cost effective to design a video I could use in all my marketing efforts including social media.  I am planning on purchasing more and implementing the 1st page google service, as well

John K.


The key is to use the complete marketing program.  Get a video, rank it on Google, use it in all your other marketing.  Any person slapped with a DUI and then Googles for an attorney, I’m the Guy that they call!  

Carl M

DUI Attorney

Absolutely tremendous way to be on top of the profession.  I use my videos in so many ways, I even prepared instructional videos for my clients in order to educate them every step of the way.  Its pretty cool being on the first page of google too!  Anyone looking to sell their home in my territory, they see me first!  

Cynthia G

Real Estate Agent