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Customize the SAMPLE VIDEOS STYLES BELOW or create an entirely new video. If you don’t like any of the videos below, just email us your ideas, your pictures or your own video footage and we will customize the video.

See our Portfolio page for other variations or dynamic add ons to any videos that we create, such as:  

Compelling Logo reveals,

Logo added to beginning and end of videos,

Calls to Action during and at the end of the video,

Optin Lead Capture,

Social Sharing

Amazing Animation,


Eye Catching Segments


  • Videos increase the understanding of your product or service by 74%
  • 75% of viewers visit the businesses website after viewing the video
  • 80% of of viewers remember the video they viewed
  • 80% of visitors will watch a video and only 10% will read content on your site


Customize these SAMPLE VIDEOS STYLES or create an entirely new video.  Email us your ideas, your own pictures or video footage.  Sales@AEGetMeSales.com 



Uses for your Credible, Professional and Dynamic Video

  • Website
  • Facebook Fan page
  • Social media posts
  • Blog
  • YouTube marketing
  • Facebook Paid Ads
  • Twitter marketing
  • 1st page Google ranking
  • Facebook personal account
  • Email marketing

Hear what our clients have to say

Totally has taken my bookings to the next level simply because no other trainers market the way I do!  The videos give me credibility even with referrals because they look me up on google even though a friend referred me….great way to stay a step above other trainers.

Roger J

Fitness Trainer

Great service.  quick, accurate and professional design.  Gives me the competitive edge!

John K.

Massage Therapist

Its really nice to have well made videos….I took some footage of my place and combined it with other footage AE had and made a nice video.  Really compliments our full service spa.  I even started using their Mobile Platform to upsell clients and stay in touch…

Joline R

Spa Owner