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Video Marketing is an Amazing Way to Enhance your Business...

Did you know that one minute of video is worth 1.8 million words? Customers trust websites that have videos and are far more likely to become your customer. Our video marketing services will get you started quickly in harnessing the power of online video. We will create a customized professional motion graphic video that will advertise your business.


The Top Benefits of Video Marketing

  • Videos make you stand out from the crowd and get the attention of your target audience
  • Help you appear more professional and credible
  • Enables us to rank you on the first page of Google
  • Are so much more memorable compared to traditional types of advertising
  • When used correctly, can be an incredible way to convey a message to your consumers.

What People Are Saying About Us...

I decided that i needed to have a credible way to explain my services to those non referral prospects, plus it gave me instant credibility when a person googled me and saw my video listed on the 1st page of google!



It was great learning how to create an entire marketing funnel and program around the video that AE created.  Now I am the person that gains all leads from Google followed by an aggressive marketing program including an amazing mobile platform that helps me stay in touch with customers at all times….thanks AE!

Dr Jeremy D


For years I lived off referrals and that dried up.  The 3 videos that AE designed put my patient list into a new stratosphere.  Plus I use there 1st page google ranking service in 20 town radius, when a person googles for chiropractor….i am the first one they see and the only one with 3 videos on the 1st page of google results!  



Its great having a video simply because no other plumbers do!  lol   When people google for a water heater or an emergency situation, I am the one that appears on 1st page of google….they trust me immediately….love it….goodbye yellow pages and coupon ads and hello AE Marketing! 

Bob J


I now have 4 videos created by AE that explain each one of my services….I use them in all my facebook promotions and other marketing….basically separates me from all other electricians.  Now i get the business and not them….love it!

Dave M


Absolutely wonderful video!  I was so afraid of spending a ton of money on a video if it didnt help me then I saw an ad from AE and they used their low cost professional real estate agent Video….so cost effective and I now use it in all my follow up marketing….it helps me stand out form the other agents….commissions have went up 30% so far…

Christina C

Real Estate Agent

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